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Pest Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal

Raccoon RemovalChances are that if you have landed here, you have discovered raccoons in your home, attic, under your shed, in your crawl spaces, or beneath your deck. Thankfully, we have the best raccoon removal experts to ensure that the raccoons in your home are removed quickly and humanely.

Raccoons can end up in a number of places in and around your home including everywhere from in your crawl space to under your deck. They typically find gaps or holes and enter the home or area from those. The soffit and fascia corners of attics are particularly good entry points for raccoons and that is how they most frequently gain entry to attics and crawlspaces. But raccoons are also incredibly strong and have been know to rip holes in roofs or the fencing under decks to gain entry. Not only does this cause property damage to your home, it also creates a slew of additional issues that come with a raccoon infestation.

Why should you care about getting rid of raccoons? While raccoons may not seem like too much trouble initially, they are actually highly destructive and can cause substantially more damage than a small hole in your roof or fence. If you have raccoons living in your home, they can tear up insulation, rip apart ductwork, destroy the insulation around pipes, chew and destroy wires and cables and generally be a messy nuisance. If you suspect you may have raccoons you should look for a few telltale signs to ensure that you catch them before they destroy too much.

Typically you will hear or see signs of these nocturnal animals instead of actually seeing the raccoons themselves. Hearing scuffling or loud walking in your attic is typically a good indicator that you may have raccoons. You may also start to notice feces in your crawlspace or around areas of your home that the raccoons are living. This means that it is time to call in the professionals.

We are experts at the humane removal of raccoons and the cleaning and restoration of the area they have been living. It is actually dangerous to attempt to do this without professional help. Raccoons living in attics or crawlspaces are usually highly territorial and have been known to charge at humans that come into the space in attempts to remove them. Additionally, raccoon feces carry roundworm eggs that care highly toxic to humans and cause blindness and nervous system damage if inhaled.

Not only can we safely and humanely remove the raccoons, we also have expert technicians that can fully dispose of the hazardous feces to ensure that the roundworm eggs are contained and disposed of properly. After removing the raccoons and cleaning up the feces, we can also totally clean and deodorize the area they were living in. Additionally, we can perform a total restoration service on your attic including replacement of damaged insulation. We will also ensure that they raccoon do not return, by raccoon proofing your space with services we guarantee for five years.

So if you suspect that you have unwelcomed raccoons in and around your home, call us for professional raccoon removal today!